AirAmerica: The NEW Right Wing Celebrities List, a work in progress

The idea of keeping a Right Wing Celebrities List is not so that they can be boycotted or persecuted, unless they get altogether TOO gross and actually DO something justifying such action. It's a counter-propaganda operation to fight the Republican mantra of "Liberal Hollywood."

I offer a decent enough comment, since it is not absolute driveling idiocy of full of "flaming" or "cyberbullying" or "cybercyncicism". It is loopy and paranoid, but not otherwise wacky. Sadly, the link might not work; it is possible the posting person doesn't either, just sits around thinking about paranoid stuff all day:
Posted by: ZoWie Nov 2 2008, 06:54 PM
Here's a good article on how far along the self-described right wing conspiracy to take over The Industry really is:

There are several highly influential conservative action centers within The Industry. Along with the Wednesday Morning Club, there's a Sunday Evening Club, and a good portion of the USC School of Cinema Old Boy Network, plus an older buddyhood of mean Irish types (though they're dying off), and a rather dedicated neocon cabal run by a righty foundation that plants its people in The Industry and then describes on its web sites how the takeover is going. This group is now capable of getting projects made just on the basis of who they are, though by definition you'd never have heard of any of them any other way, since without the politics they'd be pretty small time players.

This is somehow not creepy? I mean the little "new" list at AirAmerica, but the commentary, too. 

Highly influential, indeed -- apparently there is not a single film, script line or song that a Republican can use in his campaign without drawing outright sniveling disgust from those involved. This from anything beyond country music and a thin line of Hollywood personalities, I mean. This post's author makes it sound as if the neocons and the Irish mob are committing a hostile takeover of the entire movie industry. How bizarre. But, there is no hostility like the hostility of a far-lefty's dislike of unrepentant conservatives. Check out that article, if it will load for you, or see this link: hardly about some devious taking over of Hollywood. These AirAmerica folks really are creeps!

This list is called counter-propaganda? That's rich. This version was launched by a 19-year-old, according to the individual's profile (which could mean nothing, since it is an online profile). I could tie my own shoes by that age, maybe this guy can, too. He started this list from another, apparently longer and less meaty list (it identified folks in the GOP, not specfically evil donators to and evil public supporters of the party of hate -- the GOP, I mean).

You'll note (see the posting) that the list includes not even 50 people. So how is it that "Liberal Hollywood" is an incorrect tag? This is the best that could be gotten of a list of active Republicans in Hollywood? I could write up that many Hollywood liberals -- rabid, serious liberals, not mere center-left folks -- from memory right now.

And ... done.

So how is it that this mere statement, above, is not some of the purest evidence of the one-sidedness, the blatant lack of openness, of lefty liberals? How does it not smack of a longing for fascism? This is not even fair to be called liberalism, it is one-partyism, one-sided, bread-line-standing, generic-jumpsuit-wearing, shrill creepiness. This list is party to the definition of an un-American spirit. Quite. The fact is, even rational and sincere Hollywood people would concede the fact of a liberal Hollywood today, this is not just the claims of the, ummmm, evil Hollywood Republicans.

The least this Fairness Doctrine dependent operation, AirAmerica, could do is call this list counter-counter propaganda. This is a reason why I am disgusted that any of these one-eyed ideologues call themselves liberals. These are the types of fanatics that make the idea of a Liberal Arts school offensive to me. Anything with the word liberal tied to it is despicable if I relate this kind of single-pattern, fall-in-line-or-go-away thinking to it.

They are off the rails, wandering in the desert with a gun and bullets but no water, traveling too far up the side of a cold mountain without proper boots. They are kooks, radicals, whack-jobs, silly bastards. Many of the AirAmerica Place commenters, you can see for yourself, insist on such things as signatures that are seven inches tall; some are even animated (thus, the point is not the comment, but, predictably, "look at ME!").  

What's frightening is, they can own guns; what's a relief is, they likely don't own guns because it is against their godless religion. These folks are the reason to justify far-right nut-jobs. However, on the far-right, the real nuts are the bloody KKK and Aryans, not the people running such an out front Web site as anything badged as AirAmerica!

Funny I didn't turn out one of these types seeing my history, which I will not go into. I guess I just did too much thinking things through, though. Odd.

This list here, this is a reason I didn't attempt a Hollywood career early in life: it was so obviously and insanely liberal by default that it discouraged me. The hypocrisy of that saddened me then, and has ever since. I was afraid of either being treated like a toy -- dropped at their will, or that I would be disliked purely for my non-fancy-boy rhetoric. I didn't need the uphill battle, frankly, so I chose another that for a time seemed to work well: news media.

I thought my talents were going to serve me well in media. Sorta right, I was. But that's another story.

This list on AirAmerica is outright creepy. They are saying "oh, I don't want this for any bad reason, except that I do want it -- when the time comes. Not now. Not if they stay out of the way of the truth, way and light of Hollywood, which of course is the liberals, but we are not going to admit to that!" This is not fascist? Nuts? Wacky? It is preparation for not only censorship, but what else? Blacklisting? Wasn't Sen. Joe McCarthy's madness enough for these idiots in Hollywood? Maybe this 19 year old and his cohorts (commenters, supporters, etc.)

Will this list go underground at some point? Perhaps, because it is not proper to let the infiltraters see that you are on to their infiltration. You cannot pounce on them with the utmost of surprise then.

So I wonder: Why is AirAmerica still going? Didn't it lose its shirt months ago? I have so many comments relating to this, to AirAmerica failing to draw an interested audience, to the regurgitation of the so-called "fairness doctrine" (fully supported by these "liberal" freaks). I should just stop here. Wait till later on this.

Surely, there will be more kooky things like this coming, since it is so clear that the Obama Administration is going to be all about AirAmerica's clan -- divisive, one-sided, highly partisan, highly left-leaning. Sad deal. So much for change. Glad I didn't have my heart in his success as a centrist or bipartisan. How about you? The current signs point to rhetoric that still insists on bipartisanship, but his appointments do not.

- jR (revised)
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