Barney Frank: is he just crooked, just lying, or just a sociopath?

I am still wondering why Dem congressman from Mass., Barney Frank, hasn't been accused publicly of pushing on the CRA mortgage deal-making since around 2006, at least, in order to see the whole thing collapse.

You'll notice that Mr. Frank, in front of cameras generally as unflappable as a mob boss, spends lots of time pointing out that he has no
blame in the matter prior to Feb. 2008. He knows this is silly and untrue, but like so many in Congress, he will not be called to blame because those who say he is to blame are likely knee deep in it somehow, too.

It is surprising, though, how much he does in accepting a leadership role in the cleanup, blaming the Bush Admin for the crumbling, when there were several folks from outside of Congress - Republicans, no less - who were voicing the desire to put some controls on FMA, CRA-happy banks and finance companies. Frank was one of those who pushed back, denying there were any issues with the way FMA, CRA, etc., were being handled. I guess being in the leadership, then being the outright leader, of the House Finance committee stresses theory over practical applications of the law, then?

Frank, while Chris Dodd has made himself almost nonexistent for several months, has been working hard to keep up the ass-covering for the past lack of coverage, laying blame all the way back to before 2006, when Dems took Congress control, and after 2000, when Clinton left office. Funny, then, that the legislation went through during the Clinton Admin, and the failure happened during the Dem leadership, despite efforts to effect change by people other than Frank.

He and Dodd, and a slew of others, are crooked, too crooked to realize how crooked they are and how shamefully they've led us to this. These bums need to be thrown out when their subscription to the Congress Clubhouse runs out. Dem, GOPs, I don't care. Those who are on record resisting resonsible oversight prior to the failure of the CRA tugboat need to be taken to task, every one of them. Dodd and Frnk were CHIEF among the culprits.

WHO IS GOING TO SHAKE THEM OUT OF IT? Not folks who read and believe a much from Ms. Brooks' biased commentary.

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