Al Gore: My personal request to you

Al Gore is a buddy of, and somehow that's OK.
My life currently sucks. This creepy kind of stuff just makes it suck more.

For all of you who thought any of the following:
#1. Al Gore deserves a Nobel Peace Prize
(Granted, he was second-billed, only SHARED it with a U.N. group,
but look who took all the P.R. from it. And media isn't liberal?
Please -- fine example right here of propagandizing for the left in mass media.)
#2. Al Gore cares about the environment, people, and things beyond politics
#3. Al Gore has some shame and/or sense of honor
#4. Al Gore never uses -- least of all, in writing -- wacky, inane scare tactics (See below, "science fiction movie")
#5. Al Gore is generally scary (see "rising up..." and "his vision of ... change")
#6. Al Gore should leave his elitist, expensively endowed, high-carbon-footprint mansion in Tennessee are the leftist propagandists of so-called progressive activist groups. Their idea of progress is lying about the enemy to get people not to just not vote for them, but to hate them -- thus, Obama has nothing to do with them (at least, as far as I recall). Thoroughly lying, not even bothering with exaggerating.

Who is their enemy? Conservatives. Republicans. Anyone who disagrees with Al Franken, Bill Maher, Michael Moore (and Bozo the Clown, I think, too -- seeing a pattern?).

And here's Al Gore, like Ted Kennedy before him, and -- funny this -- never Barack Obama, writing on behalf of MoveOn and Obama. Barack can't get his hands too dirty, though, since that would go against the Democratic trend toward protecting him from anything controversial, this professional candidate. Obviously one could never get to become presidential without being out there answering questions, etc., etc., rejecting -- at your leisure -- the paranoid, militarist crazy people who were your pastors, etc.

I wonder how all these people will feel when they recognize, theoretically, that Barack has been using, them like throwaway old dish towels, to get what blind ambition always wants: power. To be the end-all and be-all of -- well, of all. Al Gore has pretty much agreed to that, below.

Well, I hope it hurts very very bad, whenever that is. But, sadly, it is going to hurt for all of us, unless Obama proves to be a puppet and lets actual leaders do the job -- but he won't. Second thought, I doubt it will hurt at all, since they've got a belly full of Obama Kool-Aid already, swilling around, keeping them dopey, happy, sleepy and the rest of us grumpy.

Begin forwarded message: Dear MoveOn member,

I know something about what can happen in close elections. And we've only got 8 days left to make sure this isn't one of them.

We are witnessing history in the making. Millions of young people are getting involved in politics for the first time. A leader named Barack Obama is rising up to unite America behind his vision of progressive change. Yet we know from 2000 that progress is not inevitable. Victory can fall just out of reach. And the difference of a few thousand votes can put our country on a decidedly different path.

That's why I'm writing to you today to personally ask you to volunteer with the Obama campaign to help get out the vote this week. Everything we've worked for together hangs in the balance in these next few days. The Obama office in Orlando still needs more volunteers and I'm hoping you can help. Click here to sign up:

I know that MoveOn members have the power to swing elections. In 2006, you made over 7 million calls—I made some myself—and together we won back both houses of Congress. And already this year, nearly 120,000 of you have signed up to volunteer for Obama in battleground states.

But the stakes this year are too great for any of us to sit it out. We're facing two wars and an economic meltdown. The climate crisis, in particular, is worsening more quickly than predicted and without strong leadership from the next president, we could face consequences right out of a science fiction movie.

Barack Obama will provide that leadership. But only if we all make sure he wins. Please sign up to volunteer today.

Yes we can,

Al Gore

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