Harry Reid helps the markets plummet

Insurers plunge on Reid's 'bankrupt' remark - Oct. 2, 2008
Several big life insurance stocks fell sharply Thursday, dragged down by jitters about their role in the credit crisis and fears sparked by a comment from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., Wednesday about a potential bankruptcy in the industry.

"We don't have a lot of leeway on time. One of the individuals in the caucus today talked about a major insurance company. A major insurance company -- one with a name that everyone knows that's on the verge of going bankrupt. That's what this is all about," Reid said prior to the Senate's approval of the $700 billion bailout bill.
Who let him outside again? Somebody, please bring Reid inside and don't let him out until this thing is over. He obviously can't do any good wandering around out there and talking to people like a real majority leader might have to do. Has anyone told him that he is actually in a leadership role? Does he have any idea of it?

This guy seems to be a professional weasel, making comments like this. I guess he couldn't wait to let the news out!

I am sure this will be somehow John McCain's fault by the end of the day, though. It's got to be: the Democrats never make stupid mistakes.

- The Popper

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