Angry W. House meeting roils Wall St bailout talks

Angry White House meeting roils Wall Street bailout talks

Politicians being politicians: the economic crisis is bad for everyone, but lately it seems it is not as bad for the Democrats. According to Dems, including leaders of finance oversight leaders, they had nothing to do with it. How is that? Didn't they have a president back a few years back who signed some bills? Blame is the first response when one cannot handle responsibility. Perhaps they cannot handle responsibility. Perhaps none of them can handle being in charge - Dem or GOP. Maybe it is time for a real change. Imagine ...

History museum, 2138 A.D.:

Sept 2008 A.D. news report
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Negotiations in the U.S. Congress toward a massive bailout for Wall Street fell into disarray on Thursday night after a contentious White House meeting, with lawmakers later offering conflicting reports about the position of presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.

The White House meeting -- attended by McCain, Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama, President George W. Bush and lawmakers from both parties -- "devolved into a contentious shouting match," according to a statement from the McCain campaign.

"At today's cabinet meeting, John McCain did not attack any proposal or endorse any plan," the statement said.
This is how people used to run the country until we shot all the politicians and let the monkeys run things according to basic, instinctual training with bananas for rewards and touch screens for making the decisions, son.

- The Popper

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