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New Orleans Mayor Takes Swipe At NYC, Nagin Cites Failure To Rebuild Ground Zero While Defending Katrina Clean-Up - CBS News

Ahh it was only two years ago that Ray Nagin confirned what many suspected in 2005: he's a jerk. It is hard to believe that one mayor could make such an spectable of his callousness, especially in a national TV interview, but then, Ray Nagin is no ordinary mayor. He's mayor of Chocolate City, as he put it.

In late August 2006, the first anniversary of the destruction of Katrina, Nagin found a reason to deflect questions of logistics and leadership away from himself and onto the Big Apple. Apparently the nearly instant death of almost 4,000 people is not even sacred to this man of the people. The chocolate people. Does that mean he thinks everone is an Oompa Loompa in Nola? For that matter, isn't Hershey, Pennsylvania, the Chocolate City? New Orleans is more like the Bare Breasts for Fake Pearls City, or the Bourbon City. How about the Southern Comfort City? That's where Southern Comfort was created, after all! (OK. I'll stop.)
(CBS) Confronted by accusations that he’s taking too long to clean up his city after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin defended himself by remarking on New York City’s failure to rebuild Ground Zero.

Nagin made the remarks in an interview conducted by CBS News National Correspondent Byron Pitts. (Click here)

Remember, New Orleans reelected him. He has had a chance to do it better, as everyone has, with Gustav, which luckily didn't create the misery that reached Katrina-sizes levels. So far, so good. Fortunately, not just the leaders learned a lesson from Katrina: folks respect nature a bit more after that one.

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