Fight the Smears: The truth about Barack's plane ... is that the paint is not smeared at all

Fight the Smears | The truth about Barack's plane

The truth, also, is that he placed his logo on the tail, not that the plane did not have an American flag anywhere. But this is the nifty message he wants everyone to share, because it is so darned important to correct the kooks claiming his plane has no Stars and Stripes on it. Go figure.

Barack Obama has been attacked for not having an American Flag on his campaign airplane.

Barack Obama does indeed have an American flag displayed on the outside of this campaign airplane.

American flag on McCain's plane

American flag on Obama's plane

He selected Joe Biden, so now I can't be too ticked off if things don't go McCain's way. But I just don't see Obama being our youngest elected president. He's just coming off as too young in substantial ways: like bluster.


UPDATE, post-conventions (Sept 06 2008):

Well, now Joe Biden, who once claimed he would run on a ticket with McCain, basically defecated on McCain during his speech, so I am just waiting for the election. Obama is obsessed with himself, and theoretically, the masses, and Biden blew it for me. So the whole thing comes down to whether I am miserable for four years, or I will pray that McCain is elected and can manage to be a real leader. I am soooo disappointed in the whining coming from Obama's camp about every little, tiny thing -- like this airplane thing here. Give me a break!

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