Norman Mailer is Archie Bunker. He supports Hillary Clinton, about as establishment as it can get. Calls Donald Trump America's "Middle Finger"

Norman Mailer is Archie Bunker. He defines the classic TV show character in a short piece in Hollywood Reporter. It is he, too, that's he's described. The once bold, crass and individualistic Mailer today supports Hillary Clinton, who is about as establishment as it can get. He calls Donald Trump America's "Middle Finger" -- which is an apt description. Trump is one personification of an anger over a crappy, growing, less liberty favoring government. 

But Mailer also declares that deep establishment cronies -- the Clintons -- are the right people for the job of moving forward after the Obama Administration. Someone who is tied firmly to the policies and platitudes of Obama. 

"I have enough confidence in the American people to believe that [Donald] Trump is the middle finger of their right hand. He is [the right's] f— you to all the clowns and the establishment generally because [they believe] the leadership of the country is at an all-time low. It's their way of saying, 'If you give us that kind of leadership, take this.' But I don't think it's going to take him all the way, and I think they'll retract that finger. They have to."

Note to the self-important talent: you're afraid of change. You are Archie Bunker. Clinton is the dead weight America should shed in 2016. She's a millionaire, but never did a thing outside of government besides a brief stint as a crooked lawyer and creating a family foundation. She's good for the job? Pathetic. We need to shed her and the sad, lingering adoration of talents who've lacked anything but nostalgia for decades. Like you. 
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