Syrian refugee hypocrisy and the success of Obama's cowardice

Is the United States, are the governors or the majority of US states, isolationist or heartless if we do not want to accept thousands of Syrian refugees? 

The real issue, to me, is WHY bring them here? Why is it our problem, on our land? Why can't the closest nations do more? Why can't we do more through cooperation with those nearby states? Why are we the country (or, internally, the Republican Party) being beat up for "isolationism" when it's not so, and when it is not the a worthy (or legitimate) issue to debate?

We should be debating the problems of the Middle Eastern states. We should be asking why Assad is still in power. We should be asking why Obama's so brashly concerned about bringing in refugees from thousands of miles away, when his Veterans Administration cannot serve our military servicemen and servicewomen effectively. Why should we be guilty or ashamed of not wanting refugees at this moment in time? There are other ways to effectively deal with the refugee situation, and the refugees. 

Monetarily, "Britain has donated more than Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar combined" (look it up). So, where are all the good, non-extremist, modern-oriented Muslim/Arab countries? Where are the Muslim theocracies? The oil-rich empires? Where is their heart? Where is their support? And why is there not more of it? Why aren't they taking in refugees, coordinating help? Taking in more refugees? All the refugees? Why are they not ridding the world of Assad's dictatorship?! Then, the refugees could think about heading back home.

The news is filled with opinions that the US would somehow be guilty of something if we do not take in refugees. How guilty are Middle Eastern states, similarly? Why aren't we first looking at them? It should be clear that most Arab states are by and large guilty of isolationism well beyond what the US might ever be. 

I await a day when the liberties of the US are exported, not when the rampant illiteracy, misery, and oppression of crap-holes like Syria are imported. 

Hold onto your phone/mouse/tablet as you read this (and read to the end, please): 

If there's one thing Pres. Barack Obama has accomplished internationally that I consider worthwhile, it's to cause the world to realize that the United States might not be there for them someday when they need us. That said, I'm very disappointed that the message was sent through a tenor of cheap diplomacy and weak messaging. And a message of US weakness.  

Man up, world. And, world, don't think the USA will be long under the rule of a hippie-bred academic. Because it will not be. 

- jR, aka AirFarceOne (Twitter)
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