Insurers eye ObamaCare hikes

Call it Obamacare. Or something other than it's given name. It is a misnomer to call it the Affordable Care Act. It is not affordable, not healthy, and lacking much care for the free market that made the country so prosperous. And the act is the one being played on people who fell for it years ago, and is still being played on them and the rest of us who can see this is not serving the greater good, only single-payer, eventually.  

It is not serving the greater good. It is hurting anyone with dependents who isn't earning well into the high $60k. (Unless they are not earning a thing, and exempt from paying their own way.)

Not only are Obamacare rates increasing, but rates for ALL HEALTH COVERAGE are going up. And at an impressive rate. If you don't believe it, just ask anyone in a medium-sized or small business just after they see their annual coverage enrollment changes. They're going to be hit with some bad personal financial news.

But never fear: states are regulating us all into prosperity:

Under ObamaCare, states have the power to challenge rate increases they consider to be "unreasonable."

Some states — including Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Oregon — are known for taking a strong role in regulating the rates.

Other states, particularly where leaders prefer a free market approach, are much less likely to challenge rates. In Florida, Republican Gov. Rick Scott has said he would not allow state regulators to tamp down rate increases.

"Some states just raise questions about trend[s] and approve different things," said Claxton of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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