Not-church church loses two not-member members

Westboro Church, famous for hate, loses two key members (hit link)

Important to note: this is not actually a church, but a family led by an extreme bigot who promotes a fouled version of Christianity under auspices of a church. And now even the founders' grand kids have figured it out.

Some rotted excuses for humans point to this pack of mixed up creeps as evidence of how bad Christianity is, of course. That, or as lamely, some point to this group and assign them to the conservative side of Christian and political influences in America.

I think they are rare, the people who appreciate this group once they actually learn what this group does. And, by now, whoever is paying attention is aware. Looking forward to their being left to the trash heap of our society's oddities real soon!

" Two granddaughters of Westboro founder Fred Phelps, 83, have publicly quit the church, denounced its campaigns to disrupt funerals for military officers, entertainers and shooting victims, and apologized for years of carrying signs proclaiming "God hates" homosexuals "

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