Shocking: Obama goes after limits on Constitutional rights as a drippy feel-good measure

Obama calls for assault weapons ban, background checks (from USA Today):

From the article: "While not citing the NRA by name, Obama did denounce groups that gin up "fear" about a fictitious plot to take away people's guns."

Yeah, because none of those other things that Obama specifically voewed would never happen ever happened. There is no increase in any taxes on the middle class. The SS tax increase that is in everyone's paychecks now was categorized under "fees," was it? Was a return to a preexisting condition? How's that not a lie? Don't trust this far-left tool -- sorry, I meant tool of the far left.


I want to believe that Obama isn't a... compassionate Marxist (the far left's variation of George Bush the compassionate conservative), but every issue over the last fours years has resulted in some sweeping and stupid message from the far left's big book of infringements on society. The easy example is Obamacare: health care reform took center stage when we kinda needed to focus -- like REALLY FOCUS -- on the economy.

In case you forgot or didn't really realize it, back in 2009 and 2010, for months the country was caught up in arguing about health care reform (which is needed, it's a matter of how, and WHEN to prioritize it) and a giant, unread bill. Unread, the bill was passed by a fully Democrat-controlled Congress. This done, rather than focusing like a laser beam on creation of private sector jobs and economic stability and growth to create jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs. (Who needs jobs when you have devoted voters who don't work, anyways, was that the logic? Eeeew.)

Obama's rhetoric is always a concern because he -- at best -- treats being a leader like a spacey, feelings-driven camp counselor in many matters. (At worst, he's a charlatan who pretends he isn't fully entrenched in the ideology of hippies and big government, one-party leftists.)

His rhetoric in proposing these gun ban ideas is further proof: it's not about the mentally unstable, the severely mentally ill people. They are not the problem, it's the "gun culture" and "gun violence." It isn't, in his version of things, "crazed violence" or "violent madmen" who commit such acts that are root of the problem, it's an inanimate object that is deadly -- threatening to bad people in the right hands, tragic in the hands of others. He does not stress that this is a problem of sick people who take a lawless and insane attitude, grab deadly guns and proceed to kill people. No, because people are not responsible for themselves: government, it seems, is the ultimate responsible party. So, as the head of the national government, he is making his move. To hell with Americanism, Federalism and the Second Amendment, let's get this gun control thing rolling, slowly but surely.

I hope this is just part of a negotiation, his initial proposals. Because I missed the part where we blame criminals for their heinous acts, whether insane, just plain criminal, or otherwise. His message tell us that it is not a problem with people that killed children in Sandy Hook, but with objects. If we tell everyone they have to curb their attitudes according to his will, then we've accomplished something. Except all we've accomplished is rattling a saber.

His simple message wins the morons, a perfect example of why Democrats are now more than I've ever understood it to be the party of mob rule. If the majority of nitwits are with you, you may not be effective or even sensible, but you are getting your way.

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