Election monitoring would forever be one-sided, if Philly Dems had their way

Curious that they didn't lead this piece with the local aspect. Or, not curious, stupid. At the very end of an article about the major political parties lawyering up for election day, from Philly.com:

Teams of lawyers for Obama, Romney get ready for Election Day

In Pennsylvania, Republicans and Democrats battled for months over the state's voter-ID law, which Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. blocked after concluding there wasn't enough time for voters who needed specially issued state identification to obtain it.

More prosaic perhaps, but just as important, has been a long-running effort by Republican lawyers in Philadelphia to win appointment of hundreds of Republican election inspectors in districts where there had been none.

Linda Kerns, a Center City lawyer who volunteers for the state Republican Party, said "You need eyes and ears from both parties to make sure the law is being followed."

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