BET: They have an excuse, but this is a bit much

President Obama came to office during a time when the economy was in steep decline. He pushed for bailout loans to auto manufacturers, allowing the industry to bypass a total collapse and saving more than 1.4 million jobs. Despite all his efforts, the economy continues to struggle.


See also the Mitt Romney items:


BET: telling it like it is! LOL. Might have been nice if they mentioned that the economy might have been better if he had actually inspired a FOCUS on it instead of divisive politicking, Obamacare passage, and other things that were going to be better served, ultimately, by an immediate and targeted focus on the economy. But he didn't focus on the economy. And, thus, no one could focus on the economy. He focused on being a political change agent. He focused on speeches with lots of "I" in them.

Compare the Obama nuggets (first link) to those regarding Romney (second link). The briefs offered are laughably sycophantic for Obama, and the others are always dragging Romney down. They target Romney's record and what he says on the stump, while they, mostly myopically, soft-paw Obama on his record as president. As if Obama's words and deeds had never been contrary.

While this is the Black Entertainment TV network, I could give them a pass for bias. But they aren't alone, and they are way too generous to Obama and his record. I think it would be ridiculous to try to believe that they are biased toward Obama only because he is black. They are biased for him because he is liberal, black and against controlling the explosion of government that is going to drag us all down. Because that is what is easy: keep taxing a successful minority and avoid dealing with the waste in government. Easy.

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