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I noticed one thing on the "About" page for ThinkProgress that really impacted me. Sadly, it wasn't the impressive education credentials of much of the staff. A third of the staff have no concept of fashion. Also, they need a photographer who isn't blind to re-take some of the head shots. Have a look, seriously! If you don't agree, then tell me. I'd love to hear your views contrary to my claim.

I don't read ThinkProgress because, like the work of those doofuses at, it's often one-quarter truths dressed up with the typical leftist bitterness against anyone who disagrees with their party line. Despite being what I have been led to believe was the "liberal" equivalent of, along with Media Matters, this site typically offers what only the most off-the-rails "conservative" sites and newsletters can offer by comparison. (And no, Occupy activists and socialists living in mommy's attic, I am not talking about Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Get back to your video games, cheese snacks and Huff-and-Puff Post comments, now, and leave reality to those who actually live in it.)

Is fashion the most important thing in the world? No. Is having a vague sense of self-awareness a hint that someone has a clue? Uh, yeah.

Heck, consider Glamour Shots, kids. Certainly cannot hurt to go too far the other way with the staff photos. Oh, and "nonpartisan" my seat warmer.

- jR

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