Wow. They care, so they can demonize like a path of angry angels


You have to read the, uhh, logic (is that the word, no, I am at a loss) used in this attack on Mitt Romney from these lost minds.

My comment, in reaction to one especially bizarre portion:
Wow! My head is spinning. It’s like you’re in one universe, and I am in the other one. You wrote that YOU KNEW WHAT MITT WAS THINKING when he said he mentioned the military, that he didn’t REALLY mean the soliders? Gimme a break. I guess everyone needs to wear tinfoil helmets so your supernatural powers cannot determine what we think, too? Amateurs. You’re so dumb you have to demonize your philosophical opponents at every turn, but you’re the caring ones. You’re brilliant. Logical, Reasoned. Stable! Wow.

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