The DNC Takes a Pass On National Security

Fred Thompson, the former US Senator from Tennessee, reminds me that Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts might act like he knows foreign policy, and might have claimed the same of Obama in a speech at the DNC, but Kerry is foolish -- or easily fooled -- where dictators are concerned.
Thompson writes in a recent message for Grassroots Action that Kerry is "the man who looked into the soul of Syrian thug, Bashar al-Assad, and claimed to know him as a reformer."
I'd forgotten this highly specious moment in American foreign policy. (I am informed by Thompson's messages from time to time, but am especially appreciative in this instance.)
It's one thing to try to be diplomatic, Sen. Kerry, but quite another to be a blind advocate for a longtime dictator as a reformer, when little suggests he was anything like it. This statement by Kerry was not long before the crackdown in Syria.
This is a time when such comments should come back and haunt you, Senator. And President Obama. Instead, I needed to be reminded if it by an email. If the news media were doing a really good job of covering the conventions, these words would have been haunting Kerry immediately after his speech at the DNC.
Please, let them haunt him, and Obama, now, with no end in sight of the violence in Syria, and the Arab Spring becoming the Muslim murder Spree in Libya.
Let us see to it that Obama leaves the White House, to become a figurehead for a university or launch an international nonprofit, and stay mostly outside of blatant politicking.
Haven't we had enough of his divisive, self-serving politics? I think we have.
I know Obama has failed us in foreign policy, evidenced by his generally passive encouragement of the so-called Arab Spring, but not reacting to the disaster that Syria has become, and being just another vote in the UN with regard to Iran's threat. He is not going to reasonable lengths to sway extremist trends. Now, Libya and Egypt are hotbeds of hate for America, and what will happen in response? Condolences and a return to dictatorships?
Obama: change you should be leavin'. Get on it now. We cannot have four more years of this passivity.

- jR

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