Forbes token lefty: Republicans don't care about the poor because they take care of more poor

Per "UPDATE: My old friend, Jon Vein, brings to my attention the greatest irony of all – the states with the greatest number of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes …lean Republican."
So, what you're saying is, it turns out that areas which lean Republican do, in fact, take better care of people who can't, for whatever reason, do as much for themselves as others?
Oh no, that cannot be what you're saying. What you're saying is that people who vote Republican don't pay their taxes! Right? They are also not into donating to the needy (not), or being charitable (not), or encouraging people to succeed (not), or ...
Thanks for pointing out all the spots on those who wish to push for individual liberty and effort over government pandering and suck-up-itude. That would be the Republicans, right?
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