Dinner with a small table of you will cover us for the generations of debt, won't It? - Fwd: Thanks

It is "Dinner with Barrack" time again!

The Executive Branch of your federal government is having several regular, donating, Obama-voter people over for dinner. Or is it the Obama campaign? Or, the Obama family? The White House Press Corps? They all seem to be the same thing with this bunch. One cause: Obama. Or was it the American people? Ah, whatever. 

Among the attendees at this dinner is someone who reflected that he never expected to see someone who looked like him in the White House. I guess he's a tall, lanky guy with huge ears? Really, the dinner guest, a 70-something professor, was glad to see a black man in the White House, Michelle Obama tells us. (Too bad it's the wrong black man for doing this country the effective good it needs at a time of broad economic strife, Michelle O.) 

The message about the dinner -- or, The Dinner, perhaps -- includes some more logistical effectiveness from the cult of personality currently trying to push our country around from the White House (assisted by boobs in tarp huts near you, and others): 
These dinners are Barack's chance to say thanks.
Don't suggest that a thank you card to all donors would suffice. That's crazy. Not that these dinners could be a mere political campaign ploy having nothing to do with being Mr. Obama a country's leader and everything to do with a publicity gimmick. But, since we're talking the Greatest American Hero/Black Lightning combo super-hero politician-campaigner-lecturer, it's OK. I mean, he isn't going to try and sell you a Volt, or time-sharing of the Lincoln Bedroom, at least. 

It gives me pause to consider, though, that this is a dinner for eight. That's the best you can manage, is it? This, while there are weekly variety shows being held in the White House, at ridiculous expense? 

Gee, thanks from all of us. Really.

To avoid making Obama zombies feel unloved for a day, another missive came from the campaign the day prior. Not wanting to mention the dinner again, it, well, was discussing it. It came from a different woman, the (token?) female exec of the campaign, COO Ann Marie Habershaw. My favorite line in it:

"At this point you probably know about Dinner with Barack and how cool it is, so I will spare you."

How decent of you, Ms. H. But then you brought it up again after that. 


Begin forwarded message:

From: Michelle Obama <info@barackobama.com>
Date: March 16, 2012 
To: xxxxxxxx
Subject: Thanks

Every morning I watch Barack go to work for people like the folks we met last week.

That's why we were both grateful for the opportunity to meet Judy, Cathleen, and ReGina at "Dinner with Barack."

We know we wouldn't be here without them. These dinners are Barack's chance to say thanks.

There's another one coming up, and I know he's already looking forward to it.

Will you consider donating $3 or whatever you can to support the campaign -- and be automatically entered to join?

It's not easy finding a time to connect one on one, but Barack's days begin and end with people like you in mind -- staying up later to read letters, making another phone call.

That's what these dinners are about -- making sure those who represent this movement get a seat at the table.

People like Cathleen, whose 6-year-old son needed surgery for a brain tumor just as her husband was transitioning to a new job. She told Barack that if it weren't for the Affordable Care Act, their son would have carried a pre-existing condition with him for the rest of his life. They wouldn't have been able to afford his care. Cathleen's story is exactly why the fight for health reform was worth every ounce of energy my husband put into it.

We met Bob, a 70-year-old biology professor, who grew up in the segregated South and never thought he'd see someone who looked like him in the White House.

And we met Judy and Mitch from Massachusetts, who instilled in their sons the belief that we are our brothers' and our sisters' keepers. They donate because they know what's at stake in this election.

I want you to know that Barack and I appreciate everyone who contributes to this campaign -- whether you're volunteering some of your time or chipping in a few dollars.

Barack is only here because millions of people like you decided it was worth it to own a piece of this campaign and be a part of the change they wanted to see.

That's what "Dinner with Barack" is about for me.

Today, I hope you'll consider being part of it, too:


Thanks again for your support.


No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve chances of winning.

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