Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg Calls U.S. Constitution a Bad Example | The Moral Liberal

That decrepit Constitution of ours. Why doesn't she just resign now?

"When advising this newly evolving government, Justice Ginsburg stated, “I would not look to the US Constitution if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012.” Instead, Justice Ginsburg referred listeners to the constitutions of South Africa, Canada, and the European Convention on Human Rights. She stated, “I can’t speak about what the Egyptian experience should be, because I’m operating under a rather old constitution.”

This directly refutes the U.S. Constitution’s relevance today.

For a sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justice to speak derisively about the Constitution she is sworn to uphold is distressing, to say the least. Justice Ginsburg failed to respect the authority of the document that it is her duty to protect.

When given the opportunity to promote American liberty abroad, Justice Ginsburg did just the opposite and pointed Egypt in the direction of progressivism and the liberal agenda."

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