Well, I'd rather be killing Chinese workers than pay a little more for my toys

Being facetious in that headline. But this is how we save a few bucks, whenever we buy something made in China, in the USA: by letting our consumerism shield us from the moral inconsistencies of other governments and cultures. 

You think America has poor?! Our homeless might be better off than some family living in mud-floored houses in China, going to work on crap you buy at Wal-mart, Kmart and various other places. Like Macy's. 

Wake up and smell the capitalist-tinged communism of China, Skippy. Its screwy repression, in the twisted paradox that is global economics, is what keeps America in the Treasury bonds business on one side, and, otherwise, the leading consumer nation in the world. Artificial currency value plus impoverished masses plus business amorality is how China became what they are today. And, what has been helping the USA be the clumsy consumerists they are.  

You think cheap products come without mistreatment, with no cruel regimented management, without something at least as gritty as late 1800s to early 1900s American manufacturing plants? It's on the other side of the world, so that makes it OK! 

Isn't that what makes America great? Am I being totally out of line, or just risqué? Perhaps I am being too harsh. Or, perhaps no so harsh. There's this:

Beijing (CNN) -- Microsoft is investigating a report that workers at a Chinese plant that makes its Xbox game systems threatened mass suicide in a pay dispute, according to a statement issued Wednesday by the company's Hong Kong office.

CNN has not been able to confirm details of the dispute and Microsoft and Foxconn, the plant owner, did respond to inquiries.

"Microsoft takes working conditions in the factories that manufacture its products very seriously, and we are currently investigating this issue," the Microsoft statement said.

Foxconn -- a Chinese contractor that makes brand-name electronics for companies such as Microsoft and Apple -- would only say that there was a protest at its Wuhan, China factory and it was over.

Foxconn's raised workers pay twice at its factory inShenzhen, China, in 2010 after a spate of suicides, Chinese state media reported at the time.

"We have a stringent Vendor Code of Conduct that spells out our expectations, and we monitor working conditions closely on an ongoing basis and address issues as they emerge," Microsoft's statement said. "Microsoft is committed to the fair treatment and safety of workers employed by our vendors and to ensuring conformance with Microsoft policy."

After the 2010 suicides at Foxconn, the company said it was taking measures to improve workers' lives, including organizing recreational activities, calling in Buddhist monks to offer spiritual consolation and setting up a 24-hour help line.

Foxconn, one of the world's top electronics manufacturers, also makes products for companies such as DellHewlett Packard and Sony.

It employed an estimated 800,000 employees in China in October 2010.

At CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/11/world/asia/china-microsoft-factory/index.html



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