UT a no funny zone for Democrats: Humorless Dem’s Bad “Temperamint”

The honorable Tennessee State Rep. Joe Armstrong wants to preserve the honor of his president. Underline "his", as he seems to respect the man, not exactly the office. He was offended by some mints all dressed up to mock POTUS Obama. 

So respect for the president... so long as he is an ineffective, liberal campaigner-in-chief clod like we have at moment, works for liberals of all governments, big and bigger. On the site Patheos, an observation by Elizabeth Scalia pulls together some aspects of this story very nicely.
So, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Joe Armstrong — a humorless Democrat state representative — goes into a college bookstore and sees these silly things:And what does he do? Just what you’d expect:

See Scalia's blog post for a nice observation of this bit UT Knoxville silliness, including quotes of Instapundit Glenn Reynolds' take on it (he works at UT). 

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