Waiting for Huntsman? Uh, why?

How... anticlimactic. Gary Johnson's got competition for the most forgettable presidential candidate (at this point) now.

Jon Huntsman is a former governor of Utah, and was Obama's ambassador to China until recently. And he is SERIOUSLY trying to be our next president. As far as what he says, at least. I am not convinced.

To announce his campaign's launch, he chose the spot where Ronald Reagan announced his campaign for the 1980 presidential election. The parity ends there. There is no similarity between Reagan and Huntsman in style or personality. In case you didn't notice that. The Huntsman announcement had been anticipated by many -- or the media was telling us we should be anticipating it. Curiosity about an unknown who gets buzz is natural, and it appears that Huntsman needed it. And now, lost it. Huntsman is a terrific person, it seems. But upon hearing his speech at a park overlooking the Statue of Liberty -- as Reagan had done! -- I cannot fathom WHO was waiting for this, without any ill will against the GOP's White House chances in 2012, aside from his family, friends and existing fans. His speech was distant, and his message was... vague. Unemotional. Drab. DRY. Oddly, and dryly, humorous.

The actual statement that he was running, which he gave with a wisp of enthusiasm which was absent from the rest of the speech, seemed, on its own, like a scene from a Christopher Guest movie ("A Mighty Wind," "Waiting for Guffman" and "Best In Show" are a few of his comedies). His announcement was a real-life parody of a real presidential campaign announcement. It was "Waiting for Huntsman". So, who's anticipating his run NOW?

- jR

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