The return of I

When Barrack Obama won then entered the White House, there were many unable to ignore the way in which he talked. He used references to himself more than was comfortable. It seemed the country had chosen a ego-filled narcissist as POTUS. The "I" counts were high in each of his speeches.

With the recent death of Usama bin Laden, in his statement to the world it seemed Obama returned to the many, many self-references that had put off many people in his first year or so in office. Perhaps it is because he is a narcissist, not unheard of among politicians. But perhaps it is out of a larger arrogance, a self-absorbtion that is found in the worst leaders of history.

Likely, whatever else it is, it is evidence, after only a short respite if any at all, of the president's return to campaign mode. The campaigner-in-chief is back.

Brace yourselves. And if you know anything good about relevant jobs creation and economic revival, hope for a very strong, principled, and equally driven GOP candidate for 2012.

- jR

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