Lies, more lies and liberal punks who write them, and then, Huckabee

I am not enamored of false "news" or ranting, overcharged "opinion" from any presumably serious source of journalism. I just do not believe in untruth being sold as universal truth or any other kind of truth. Some of it cannot be rejected with "remember the source from where it comes." Sometimes it smacks of a truly propagandist deception that worries me. An example of such unhinged bias stumbled along on the Internet, from a supposedly "real" news operation, today.

Claims are being made that the conservative, uhh, performance artist, James O'Keefe, had so improperly edited the audio from the mouth of ousted NPR donations czar Ron Schiller that the "money" quotes he made about the Tea Party were not his words or views at all, but only him reciting the words of ... a Republican. Came from: New York Magazine.

What that mag's longtime reputation? It is known for having become a very far left activist journalism rag under a renown, "creative" editor (forgot his name) decades ago. Seen that claim nowhere else, so far.

NPR and Glenn Beck's TheBlaze have been analyzing the raw, unedited audio, however. If anything actually comes out of that proving O'Keefe did a pure con job, then I'll be ticked at him. But so far, a guy quit his job and lost his boss her job over it. So I doubt Schiller did nothing despicable.

Journalistic integrity throughout an organization? Crass bias of top bosses? Facts? Truth? Fiction is full of Truth! So creating fictional journalism just puts the best of all things into one package. Or so it seems some would believe, or have us believe.

The saying goes, "If you cannot beat them, then join them." But, from far left twaddle-sheets, activists and TV shows, I have seen time and again, loudly and from the front -- not just from its fringe -- a belief that screeches: "If they can or might soon beat you, destroy them and anyone like them with insults, emotionally charged attacks and outright lies."

New York Magazine seems to be catching up to the fallacious rhetoric posing as opinion that come from shows on MSNBC. I wish them luck. The facts will eventually drag them down, I hope.

But it's rarely one-sided stupidity in a week in the modern news media world, of course. Last week there's Mike Huckabee making an ass out of his 2012 horserace hopes by mischaracterizing Obama's family, childhood and intentions. That was mystifying. But it isn't a thing compared to the big, fake group hug I see on the far left.

- jR

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