Christmas message from Holy Land: Plight of Iraq Christians dire

Holy Land prelate: Plight of Iraq Christians dire

Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch condemns violence against Iraqi Christians, says it is pity to empty Iraq of them:

Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch Fuad Twal offered his solidarity and support to Christians in Iraq after a bloody October hostage-taking at a Baghdad cathedral that killed 44 worshipers, two priests and seven security force personnel. ...

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict XVI called for "Christ's followers" to be defended in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and warned governments not to allow "anti-religious fanaticism."

Twal also used his traditional address ahead of Christmas to lament the failure of direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and called on Europe to take a more active role in pushing for a solution.

Israel and the Palestinians began direct peace talks on September 2 after a hiatus of nearly two years, but the negotiations ground to a halt just three weeks later with the expiry of 10 months of Israeli restrictions on settlement construction in the occupied West Bank.

As for the breakdown in talks, there were some rockets fired into Israel, too. But I guess that's standard news. There were also the repeated refusals by Hamas leaders in Gaza to EVER recognize Israel.

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