Respectfulness beats crassness: Dan Webster beats Alan Grayson in a landslide

If caring means being a vicious attention hound, then Grayson is a saint
"Most of the time, negative campaigning works, and a lot of people cringed when I said I would run a positive campaign. We just felt like it was the right thing to do," Webster said. "I'm not going there to change places with the Democrats. We've got to do things differently. We've got to change the process."
Grayson called Webster to congratulate him. In a concession speech to supporters at a downtown nightclub, Grayson said he also asked Webster focus on the downtrodden.
"I asked Dan Webster to spend the next two years in office fulfilling that 3,000-year-old promise to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to shelter the homeless, to reach out to the people who are less fortunate than others, and remember that we are all judged by the least of us," Grayson said. "That's what we tried to do during our time in office. We tried to show people what it was like to have a congressman who cares."
Apparently, what he cared most about was making Republicans, all foes, and especially Dan Webster, look like the sons and daughters of Satan. That, when he wasn't busy requesting that U.S. Attorney General Holder to bring charges up against the operators of . Thanks for caring, Mr. Grayson! We'll, uh, miss your, uh... oh, why even try? Hey Ailing Grayskull, move to Cuba, you creep!
Read the whole Orlando Sentinel piece here.
- jR
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