The Lone Star, uh, Whatever: Texas county ballots printed with flag of Chile

Flag of Chile (bordered) Chile's flag. Note the one star and the colors. Image via Wikipedia.
Austin, TX: Texas county ballots wrongly have flag of Chile

So, they have a flag of Chile available in the voting offices, but not the state's flag? Where did they get flag clip art for Chile if they were looking for the dept.'s own official flag?!! I mean, this wasn't something that was a surprise requirement, I assume.

Amazing: just how could this go all the way to three weeks till election? 

Perhaps the attitude of removing incumbents is stopping too short with elected officials, and we should look into removing zombie state workers, too. Just don't get them a job that requires identifying their state's flag, it would be too much for some. Apparently, at least in one Texas county. 

The essential difference: Texas has the whole left hand side, perhaps a third of it, in blue, while Chile has the top left corner in blue, with one star in the top left corner of both. The red panel is across the entire bottom of Chile's flag (see image).

Is it a mistake anyone could make? Yes, if one didn't live in Texas and didn't work for Texas and didn't have the Texas flag all over everything. Otherwise, how embarrassing!

- jR
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