Chicago's Real Crime Story - Failure of Leaders

Something to look at, showing a less favorable side to Obama's intent, from early on in his pie-eyed activist "career" of community organizing and playing Chicago-version politics, versus the realities of statist, collectivist thinking.

Is it all bad? No, and it is not evil. But it is clouded by wishes rather than clarified by evidence of great success. Supporting the weak does not involve making them feel like they are one if those they envy, but to teach them to not envy. And to teach them how to succeed.

Below is a piece of a lengthy article looking at Obama's, and Chicago's, failure to succeed at community organizing to achieve civility in needy communities. It is perhaps tragic in p
international and local scales that Bush wanted to bring democracy to the Afghans and the long-abused Iraqis, and Obama attempted to bring what I would suppose is civility to south Chicago, and they both could not achieve it in their time in office.

By Heather Mac Donald
in City Journal, Winter 2010
from the Manhattan Institute

...A year after these widely publicized killings, and on the eve of Obama's first political campaign, the aspiring state senator gave an interview to the Chicago Reader that epitomized the uselessness of Alinskyism in addressing black urban pathology—and that inaugurated the trope of community organizer as visionary politician. Obama attacks the Christian Right and the Republican Congress for "hijack[ing] the higher moral ground with this language of family values and moral responsibility." Yeah, sure, family values are fine, he says, but what about "collective action . . . collective institutions and organizations"? Let's take "these same values that are encouraged within our families," he urges, "and apply them to a larger society."


Why do people who poo-poo detractors of the presumptuous claims by Obama and powerful liberals not take a harder look at his early politicking, as this article does?

They invented his greatness, as apparently another cardboard-quality effort of how they want the poor, and non-whites and non-Asians, to feel good and believe in themselves, magically. Or some such hopeful, but unrealistic mission that made some feel good, propped up his ego, and accomplished nothing, it would seem.

- jR

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