Venezuela illegal drug trade booms as Chavez loses oil profits and Mexico burns

Venezuela illegal drug trade booms

Chavez's disconnect from US support, refusal to cooperate with even
the DEA, and his disconnect from Andean Community nations (some
neighbors of Venezuela), appears to be bringing out the worst in his

Along with the some loss of oil profits, and since he seems not
interested in US collaboration any longer even on illicit drugs,
Chavez's military is now an international drug trafficking 'company'
to earn some extra cash. Is this another socialist, nationalist
dictatorship going to the gutter due to the ineffectiveness of an
ego-driven leader, or is allowing such illicit profiting part of
Chavez's ultimate goal of retaining his power? Could it be that Chavez
is becoming the Noriega of this decade, but with bigger assets? He is
more capable of harming his neighbors and the U.S. than Noriega.

Are his great Hollywood fans, such as Sean Penn and Danny Glover, and
that kind of delusional leftist, going to praise this military
profiteering, misdirect attention on it by likening it to US troops
trafficking during Vietnam, or will they just ignore it (and mock
those who do not do the same)? I think that since they are mostly
silent on Mexico's and Arizona's (et cetera) toll from human and drug
trafficking (such as murders, kidnappings and false IDs) and the
federal governmental failures on both sides of that border, they will
ignore or obscure this, too. Their agenda is clear, and it seems it is
clearly to win, then pick up after all the unfortunate collateral
damage from their focus on centralizing power rather than
decentralizing fairness.

Those who find statist leaders such as socialist dictator Chavez and
communist Castro (alt. Raul Castro) to be allies will not understand
why borders must be secured and stabilized here, but they will still
excuse so much in those restrained, centralized, closed nations. After
all, in their view it is simply the fault of the expansionist United
States of the 1800s and 1900s that created these dictators to our
south. CIA operations of the 20th century further forced these leaders
to be this way.

The U.S.'s entrenched Left will keep assaulting a law in Arizona that
they claim is racist (while even U.S. Attorney General Holder's
lawsuit against the law cites nothing on racism), they will keep
insisting that Tea Party activists permit racism in their ranks (or
worse, when it is untrue), and they will reject the need to better
patrol our border for drug gangs and criminals. They will keep blaming
everyone but themselves for things not going perfectly. They will keep
pretending until everyone agrees with them, of they will keep
insulting those who insist on disagreeing, no matter what. Shame.

Read an article on the Venezuela drug trade using the above link.


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