Bill Clinton: deluded sore loser?

Bill Clinton commented in an interview around April 16, 2010, that the
Bush vs Gore decision in 2000 was one of the five worst by the SCOTUS.
Ever. Ever!

This comes without regard for decisions that were pro-slavery, awfully
reactionary and activist, flatly political, or otherwise? Yes, it
does. That's Clinton's estimation nearly ten years later. It is driven
bu personal bitterness, it seems, unless there are many more than five
rulings that are worse than that one. So are there? What would you
guess? From 1800 to 2000 there probably were plenty of Supreme
decisions one could include in a 'five worst' list. I don't have a
list handy. Some later changed or overcome by law created, not for
sour grapes, but for good reason. The SCOTUS were dragged into the
Florida fiasco of 2000 thanks to Al Gore choosing to bring it to court
rather than doing something less ... self-serving.

One ought to recall that Gore was the one who brought the Florida
voting problems to the state's courts, not the Bush people. Then, the
Supreme Court of US was virtually forced into the matter by the
interjection into the matter of what was understood to be a vastly
liberal-leaning Fla. Supreme.

In any case, the realities of the time - a Republican US Congress,
namely - would have meant that had Gore not brought it to court, had
Congress decided a stalemate, if there were one, he would not have
ever been made president, anyways. Majority rule, all that. And at
best, since he was sitting as president of Senate, Gore could have
seen to it that Lieberman became VP.

The Gore torchbearers, possibly including Mr. Internet Inventor
himself, and Bill Clinton, seem to be the bitterest of losers, even
9.5 years later. Or very willing to skew reality to make a decision
not in their favor seem legitimately wrong when another result would
have not made a difference in the Gore election, save a curious twist
of a Bush-Lieberman administration.

But to suggest that it was not just a decision he disliked, but it was
a "worst ever" decision by SCOTUS, seems to be ignoring facts, holding
a grudge, and dealing in much more petty things than questioning its

All I ever go back to is that the former Senator Al Gore lost in his
home state of Tennessee. Who loses in their home state?! (McGovern did
vs. Nixon, but aside from that.)

(For an interesting look at other possible outcomes of 2000, see the
book 'Men in Black,' by conservative Mark Levin.)

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