We need to do something about health system, but what is it? Amer. Thinker: ObamaCare Dominoes Falling

I respect the brash intention of Pres. Obama in bringing to the foreground a hearty discussion of the troubled, uneven health system that we have in the States. 

But how he, and the far left government-knows-best types of US liberals, went about health care reform, makes mine a short-term appreciation for Obama's audacity. Boldness can win elections and make for big promised and hearty speeches, but evidently it fails on substance. 

The liberal Democratic leaders tried the ultimate ram-through of their brand of change. The realization was that no one truly understood that change, since nobody read the August bill. The Democrats didn't want citizens to understand it. 

I will not forget, nor overlook, the claims by Democrats in August 2009 of how good for the country and how vitally important it was to pass the HCR bill. That urgency, from the party that owned the federal govt then and now, was for a bill that even then was not going to impact anyone much, for several years. 

The leadership party took almost 9 months before they could get their own members to settle on a HCR bill they could stomach passing. That is hardly urgent nor could it have been good for the average taxpayer. 

Already, plenty of bad signs abound. In the ObamaCare-like system in the Bay State, for instance, the health system is far from healthy. Not for the people selling the coverage, and it likely snowballs from there. Or, it will.   

American Thinker comments, with borrows from a Wall St. Journal piece. A notable snippet:

Massachusetts' "insurance regulators have concluded the reason [that state's] premiums are the highest in the nation is the underlying cost of health care, not the supposed industry abuses" imagined by President Obama and Governor Patrick.

I wish you all good health. And informed, good judgement come November elections.  

- AF1 (AKA @airfarceone on Twitter)
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