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These days to be an anchor on on one of the three news networks gives you the audience of a rock star. More and more the field becomes less about breaking news and more about personality and opinion — and that’s the beginning of their end. While various tech pundits write sermons about the demise of newspapers due to the net, the real story that everyone is missing is that cable news networks are slowing [sic] having nothing to do with actual news.
Uh, yup. More about opinion, angles, telling half a story, and dullardly infuriating a fat segment of the population. Much of the time. Unless one really care so much about news (really care, not just pretend to care, play at caring, etc.) one doesn't respect that journalism, and anything that isn't bluntly presented as opinion, ought to -- simply ought to! -- be balanced. Best effort put forward. I think so-called "new" journalism opened the door for bias that is now wide open. There is, on TV, a lack of journalism and an increase in propagandist activist yammerings.

- jR, aka AirFarceOne (Twitter)

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