Stimulus? More like ridiculus (what part gets me a job, again?)

Scamulus, smugulus, trickulus, porkulus, crapulus, ridiculus -- Obamalus! -- or whatever you call it, it is less economic stimulus than govt money - our tax money! - going to govt upgrades and govt programs. How's that get me a job, again?

According to what I read, I guess I'll be installing windows? That's my only hope? Since I cannot build bridges, work on construction crews, or do some of that other, always outside, all day, work, being 40 something and not exactly in a condition for outdoor work under no cover, I guess I'll be installing windows on old govt buildings, then? That's my work solution?!!

So explain this: people are mocked when they complain that we ought to get illegals out and let Americans will do their jobs. Folks who claim that Americans who have a problem with illegals are - quite literally - racist. Irrational and offensive, much?

There are allegedly leadership-worthy people in the US who insist that nobody but illegals will, what, be maids or nannies for governors, Senators, or CEOs? They say that illegals do the jobs that Americans won't. Ones beyond being maids, things like migrant working in farms, etc. They say that Americans no longer will be hotel maids, or work in food processing plants.

These people, who are now offering up a US job creation program for America, say that it includes lots of job stimulation. Aisde from apparently some clean energy initiatives for reasearch, which will not get me a job, and construction, which will not get me a job. they will have money to let people upgrade the windows in govt building.

Wait a minute, the illegals:
aren't they installing windows, since "no one" will pay a real wage for that work, allegedly?!!

Sounds like we're creating more jobs for illegals. How does the ridiculus stimulus get me a job, again?

- jR

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