The year of excessive bias

Liberal media bias puts a chill in everyone else's legs, Chris Matthews. Well, those who desire some semblance of truth and objectivity with their news.

Where did they find the quotes to lampoon? All over the place, says Bozell.

"I could give you 10,000 quotes from election night alone that would qualify. This was the worst year ever. This was shameless,"Bozell said on the "Fox & Friends" interview. "When Dan Rather bemoans liberal media bias, like he did this year, you know there's a problem."

Bozell began the interview by stating he had a "thrill" running up leg to be on the show, a reference to the Chris Matthews line that was not only mocked by [the GOP prez candidate] John McCain's website.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews achieved the distinction by gushing over an Obama speech in February [2008], saying, "I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that too often. … And that is an objective assessment."[Objective. Because he's Chris Matthews, how could he not be objective. Please.]

It was far beyond the ever-vigilantly lame Matthews to be merely an objective journalist, though it seems he's the only one unaware of that. Reuters, the ever-present European version of the AP, won them over, too.

Coming in behind Chris Matthews as the top runner-up for "Quote of the Year" was a Reuters post-election headline: "Media bias largely unseen in U.S. presidential race."


At least Reuters -- which I generally prefer to read over U.S. providers simply because they are foreign (it appears that was a meaningless reason to read them that I've held) -- did not profess that it was their job to assure Obama's administration succeeded. Chris Matthews did this. Quite literally, and he even clarified it. If he were not blind to objective reporting, he might see how funny his one-sided "politi-sex" affair with Obama is to the unconvinced chunk of aware citizens.

Need I remind you that MSNBC is the LEAST watched news network by a massive margin? Is it hard to wonder why? It is more like the Fox Reality Channel for liberals -- mindless entertainment pretending to be representative of reality.

New terminology alert: politisexual reporting. Example: Chris Matthews, especially when regarding his Obama coverage.

- jR

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