Orlando daily stands behind Obama

Orlando Sentinel endorses Barack Obama for president

In this White House race, there is (at least) one Florida paper, so far, that has endorsed Obama in an impressive fashion, despite my views. I tried to shoot down all the garbage that the Miami Herald placed in their inane endorsement of Obama. I ran out of energy and sheer will to resist. It was like pitting myself, with a lack of coffee, against the Darth Vader of bad endorsements.

Regretfully, one of my favorite papers while I grew up and in my early adult years has increase their editorial value through their endorsement of Obama. Regretfully, because I don't share the total views, but not because I disagree with their handling of the endorsement. I favor a McCain presidency, and I will stay that well after Nov. 4, 2008, no matter what the election results. That is being sincere, as opposed to being covertly biased.

To the Orl Sent: I hope you're wrong today, but come the morning Nov. 5, or whenever the election is finally decided, I will certainly be more willing to look to your pages than those of the Miami Herald.
As the primary season began, the candidate who seemed best qualified to be that leader was Republican John McCain. But Mr. McCain then was a different candidate from the one before us now. He has abandoned positions we admired. He has reacted inconsistently, even haphazardly, to events. In making the most important decision of his campaign, he showed shockingly poor judgment.

In contrast to Mr. McCain, Democrat Barack Obama has exceeded our expectations during this campaign. He has demonstrated sound judgment and grace under pressure. Because we are now more confident in his ability to steer America through the rough waters ahead, the Orlando Sentinel is endorsing Barack Obama for president.
Welcome "back," Orlando Sentinel. Your words in favor of Obama are complimentary without being sycophantic, your endorsement is sensible. Your move away from McCain, in my thinking, is not practical or prudent, or taking in the big picture, but it is not idiotic.

In this election period, "it is not idiotic" is nearly the highest compliment I can offer a newspaper's editorial staff regarding an endorsement. If the Miami Herald is any example, it is a wasteland out there. Not only does our politics need to change, but much about our mainstream media needs to as well.

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