MSNBC struggles with political coverage reality and loses

'Olbermonotony' crisis has been significantly reduced, according to MSNBC report

The place: MSNBC.
The item:
major election and political news anchoring.
The jilted babblers:
Chris "I do not act just like that guy on SNL" Matthews and Keith "I used to be on ESPN just like Craig Kilborn!" Olbermann.

Yes, in a disturbingly conscientious move that can only be categorized as FUNNY for all conservatives and respectable journalists, these two bigmouths have been tossed from the political landscape: One is an egotistical and demented blusterer of extreme liberal bias and wagon-circling who seems to be OK with publicly obsessing over Bill O'Reilly, the other is a likeable and less embarrassing candle bearer for Democrats who is recently being dragged down to the first one's level.

Thus, two of the most important opinion-shapers ever to put on makeup, fiddle with earpieces, get a little too friendly with Ariana Huffington during an interview, and
make millions per year while shoving their childish opinions in viewers' faces, have been displaced. That these two were ever put behind the same huge desk is comparable to Hepburn and Tracy, or Dumb and Dumber, depending on your criteria.

If your criteria is journalism, then MSNBC made the right move.

If your criteria is entertainment, then you are sorely disappointed by this move. You consolement can be found on Internet replays of his "best" stuff.

If you are Keith Olbermann's significant other or his dog, you are in for a very rough week of paranoid ranting coming from the bed, shower, hall closet, and kitchen pantry.

This could be a promising boost Chris Matthews.
Considered a respectable though liberally biased newsman until he was given the seat next to his now-former co-anchor, he has begun to speak like a junior high "Most Popular" candidate trying to win over his shinier-faced pal when he's with the glassy-eyed Olbermann. I hope Matthews has enough sense to count his blessings, despite his inability to act like a man around Olbermann's pathologically confident perfect-hair personage.

Aside from when Fox News Channel launched -- touting its fair and balanced claims though they are generally leaning right -- this unselfish act by MSNBC of admitting bias and slightly downgrading its cause may be the most notable thing to happen since CNN first put out a signal that said "look out major networks, it's a 24-hour news world out there, and we're going to give you at least three hours of it!"

On the other hand, Microsoft just launched a major new advertising campaign, and the MS in MSNBC of course means Microsoft. So this could be all part of Microsoft's master plan to become a more likable, affable and tolerable provider of consumer and business technology.

"I am a PC, and I think Olbermann sucks."

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