Actor John Cusack joins comedy tour...

... what do you mean? isn't a comedy troupe?!

Wow, then those rhyming insults against generals and spastic cartoons of John McCain are not jokes? Oooo, creepy.

How perfect an ally for an actor who wants to be identified with an unabashed propagandist and fabricator such as Obama. (Please see related post regarding Obama's totally inaccurate references to the Kennedys, and Selma march, in his parents' lives.) Well, that's not ironic at all. - Actor John Cusack Takes On McCain for
"I'm not going to pretend this thing in Iraq was some kind of free market utopia to spread the gospel of democracy through the Middle East," John Cusack told the AP from London, where he's at work on another project.
John Cusack will not pretend! You got it?!

We wouldn't want Cusack to pretend. His using big words like "utopia" is too much. Famous people should never have to pretend for any reason, least of all for politics or money. Although, he is a professional pretender! It makes it doubly ironic, then, that he is against pretending, huh?  

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