Thanks to Chavez, there's hope for shortsighted extremists everywhere!

Sheehan, Chavez bash Bush, Iraq war (

What do you get when you combine a dictator with a so-called peace activist? A really freaky TV show! Live, from Venezuela, it's the Hugo Chavez Hour, featuring Cindy Sheehan, the next president of the United States!

No seriously, Chavez and Sheehan were on TV together. These two hanging out brings to mind, for me, the pleasant years of Hitler's reign and when Britain's Chamberlain stated that, with camaraderie of Germany, the world would see "peace in our time." Chamberlain was obviously wrong in that amazing lack of insight. It also brings to mind the Germans' love for David Hasselhoff's singing ability. It's just creepy.

My great relief in this case, though, is that Sheehan doesn't have a chance at being a world leader, just a world spectacle. Shameless misdirection of grief is not a replacement for any kind of policy. Anyone who ever had responsibility for another's life ought to know that, but then, that's very optimistic to say.

Of course, the Chavez-Sheehan duet was added to by the great Harry Belafonte, who had the most important thing to say: Pres. Bush is the worst terrorist in the world. The worst terrorist.

Huh. I guess we can stop worrying about Hamas, al Qaeda, those mercenaries in Sudan, the guys who blow up police stations in Iraq, shoe bombers, domestic terrorists like the Oklahoma City bombers, and the death squads of countless totalitarian regimes. Why? Because Bush and all of them are of the same thread.

If you believe extremist, shoot-from-the-hip, peace despite reality, supremely liberal babblers such as Sheehan and Belafonte.

I am so disappointed in them. They are an embarrassment to their own cause for any reasonable and rational people, in my opinion.
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